Do Natural Laminate Veneers damage your Natural Teeth

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 Do Natural Laminate Veneers damage your Natural Teeth

Welcome to the topic “Do Natural Laminate Veneers damage your Natural Teeth.”

When to get Natural Laminate Veneers.

If you want to improve the current appearance of your teeth. You can browse your nearest dental clinic for natural laminate veneers in Dubai.

Dr Rabee Dayoub at NLV medical center is currently one of the best cosmetic dentists in Dubai.

The cosmetic dentist industry contains various solutions to fix crooked smiles. Natural Laminate veneers are an excellent solution for your dental concerns. Natural Laminate veneers are a quick, beautiful, and safe option to improve the appearance of your front teeth.

The material used is of ceramic shells that can be chemically attached to the tooth structure. Veneers are placed using a minimally invasive process. Veneers requires just a tiny bit of enamel to be removed for them to fit properly.

Why Choose Natural Laminate Veneers?

A good majority of the time, laminates are put at the patient’s choice merely to improve the look of their teeth. Rather than to modify their structure or prevent further degeneration. A common misconception centered around natural laminate veneers is that they damage your natural teeth.

Instead of harming your natural teeth, laminate veneers result in enhancing your natural teeth.

They are designed in a way that they replicate your natural teeth to give you a natural smile.

A composite resin is then applied to connect veneers to your teeth; which will harden and give you natural results.

E-max ceramic is one of the best for natural looking veneers and is currently used in NLV medical center.

At NLV medical center we use the latest technology to insure the best results

The veneers are polished and sculpted once they have hardened and glued to the teeth, giving you a new smile. The key characteristic of this resin is that it will not have damaging effects on the teeth underneath it, so you have nothing to worry about!

The benefit of using ceramics with laminate veneers is that they are very resistant to stains, ensuring that your teeth stay healthy.

This process is not only minimally invasive but effective and long lasting as well.

With veneers, you can instantly get the perfect smile tailored to your liking, and if you maintain good oral hygiene, they can also last up to 10 years!


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