Dr-Rabee Dayoub NLV Dental Clinic In Dubai UAE

Dr. Rabee Dayoub

Cosmetic Dentist DDs – General Manager

Dr. Rabee Dayoub cosmetic dentist, holds a Bachelor Degree in Dentistry from Damascus University on honors list in the Year 2011.

Stepping up his game, he decided to level up to his first master’s degree starting 2011.

Dr Dayoub, then began his journey in the UAE, and still ongoing in his new master degree learnings with Royal College of Surgeon UK as a Prosthodontist.

Dr Dayoub always has a vision and a goal for every patient which relies on smile makeover, and full mouth rehabilitation working on aesthetic & functional details. His procedure is built on the natural looking smile (smile makeover) which contributes in, natural laminate Veneers (NLV), crowns, & over implant procedures… etc.

As his approach, NATURAL LAMINATE VENEERS (NLV), is to always keep it natural