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More and more people are succeeding in using transparent orthodontic devices called orthodontics.
The alignment or teeth straightening is a series of specially designed horns that slide over the teeth.
 Transparent braces straighten teeth more comfortably, in as little as 6 months

No Braces, Only Smiles

Create impressions of your teeth.
 We take an impression image of your teeth which allow us see your teeth structure and helps us design your treatment plan.

Our dental team creates your aligners.
We share a preview of your smile transformation, then create your custom aligners & teeth straightening. Our dentist will have regular check-ins, guiding your treatment from beginning to end.

You show the world a new smile.
Watch the magic happen as your new smile showcases straighter teeth

Straighten your teeth while you sleep
NightOnly Clear Aligner treatment is a safe and effective way to a perfect smile. This includes the same benefits of our regular aligners but requires less daily wear time.

Wear TimeTreatment Duration
8-10 Hours8-12 Months

While braces are metal wires fixed onto your teeth to pull them straighter, invisible aligners, transparent braces are a series of removable retainer-like trays that gradually move your teeth into a straighter position.

Invisible Aligners are one of many types of clear braces which straighten your teeth discreetly.

As long as you take off your aligners during the meals, you can pretty much eat & drink anything you want during your aligners treatment, unlike other clear braces that are quite restrictive due to fear of breaking wires or getting food stuck in it.

While you may experience mild discomfort at the beginning, invisible aligners don’t usually hurt thanks to its trimmed edges & custom made fit. It makes them a more palatable option than braces which do cause pain after every fitting apart from the very obvious discomfort caused by the wires in the mouth.

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