What foods to avoid after teeth whitening

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 What foods to avoid after teeth whitening

Welcome to the topic “What foods to avoid after teeth whitening.”

Have you recently got your teeth whitened and are unsure of how to take proper care of them to prevent them from staining and damage?

What foods to avoid after teeth whitening
What foods to avoid after teeth whitening

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that affects the crown of your teeth. The crown is composed of two parts: enamel and dentin. The prime function of the enamel portion is to protect the delicate nerves on the interior of your tooth, so when you eat anything which is either hot, cold, or even acidic, the enamel protects your teeth from plaque formation.

Dentin is another layer lying immediately underneath the enamel. Dentin is also sensitive to bacteria, which is why the enamel and gums must protect it. If your gums get damaged or erode, the dentin faces its sheer brunt and becomes exposed. Therefore, the consumption of particular meals, beverages, and temperatures causes pain and sensitivity.

There are specific types of foods you should avoid after teeth whitening.

Acidic and greasy foods

Some foods contain acids and grease them, which stain your teeth. Artificially colored candy, red meat, and colored sauces (soy sauce and red sauce, etc.) are examples of these.


Various snacks such as candy that is colored naturally and artificially (Snickers and Mars etc.) should not be consumed. Additionally, it’s best not to consume snacks containing powdered cheese (popcorn and Cheetos, etc.)

Dark-colored beverages

Getting your teeth whitened might be the motivation you need to quit excessive consumption of coffee, tea, and cola. However, if you do find yourself craving a cup of delicious, robust coffee in the morning, it is recommended to use a straw to prevent direct contact with teeth and, therefore, staining.


Tobacco is the chief culprit which causes your teeth to stain in a short period of time. If you smoke or chew tobacco, it is best to cut it down significantly or stop it altogether for you to retain your pearly white smile.

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