How long does Botox last?

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Welcome to the topic “How long does Botox last and when can you get a retouch?”

Botox treatment has made quite a name for itself as one of the most common cosmetic procedures that celebrities and models get done. You may have glossed through multiple magazines, articles, and social media posts emphasizing how effective this treatment is and how it keeps you looking young.

The injections are primarily known for reducing wrinkles in the skin to give it an overall youthful appearance. These injections use a known as ‘onabotulinumtoxinA’ which prevents the muscle from moving for a temporary amount of time.

You may be browsing through clinics that offer Botox in Dubai to either treat wrinkles on your forehead, around the eyes, lines at the corners of the mouth or creases in the forehead. Botulinum toxin is injected directly into neuromuscular tissue by diluting the powder in saline and injecting it in the patient, and it takes around 24-72 hours for the toxin to become effective.

How long does Botox last

How long does Botox last, and when can you get it retouched?

The injections usually provide benefits that last three to four months. Botox’s effects might extend up to 6 months in some situations. However, it might also wear off faster than predicted in some cases. A touch-up for Botox may be necessary in some instances or may require more regular Botox treatments. Botox treatment patients could expect to experience the full effects of the therapy within two weeks.

Facial surgeons advise that a Botox touch-up can be performed if a patient observes minor or no improvements in their facial look within two weeks of treatment.

It should be noted that if the benefits of Botox have worn off after two months, a touch-up may be required. Botox’s effects will fade faster than predicted owing to several factors. If a patient’s Botox dose is insufficient, the therapy will not last as long as it should and subsequently require more frequent touch-up appointments at the interval of every two months.

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